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Intelligence, Independence, Interaction.

These are the educational principles that describe Pegaso Telematic University, whose mission lies in achieving a complete interaction between the Academy and the student, by constantly improving cultural and professional qualifications, and realizing through its own pedagogical model of constant training (the Lifelong Learning) and the ``Personal Learning Environment``.


by Ministerial Decree in 2006, the Pegaso Telematic University is a University built on the most modern and effective technological standards in the field of e-learning.
Thanks to the ability to respond flexibly and effectively to the needs of the students, Pegaso adequately intercepts the educational and working purposes in the chosen courses of study and guarantees full independence and personalization of the teaching.


modern and effective technological standards

full independence

and personalization of teaching

Pegasus promotes

the international development of teaching

The Specialists

The teaching-support specialists who work alongside the teachers (the Tutor, the Mentor and the Coach) assist the student throughout the entire course of study, in order to achieve a perfect learning balance based on the assertion of one’s potential.

Both with the European community and non-EU members, in line with the general principles set out in its own Statute, the Pegaso Telematic University promotes the international development of teaching, research and studies, most of all through cultural exchange between different countries and collaboration with the most prestigious universities in the European community.

The final academic qualifications at Pegaso Telematic University are legally equal to all the qualifications awarded by traditional universities.

Didactic support
Cultural exchange

``There is real progress only when the benefits of new technology become for everyone.`` HENRY FORD



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