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is a private company with registered and operational head office in Modena

and offices in Rome, Milan, Prague for a total of around 80 employees dedicated to the creation of technologies and the sale and provision of services.
The organization is inspired by the ITIL standard and has a post-sales strategy with provision and support of the service, a deliveryÍŸ strategy (?) that deals with the service configuration and special projects.

There are

four operating units:

Research and Development:
of technology, of which Doxee holds copyrights;
Asset & Infrastructure Management:
for data centre maintenance and all ICT requirements;
Information Security & Privacy:
for personal and sensitive data processing, where Doxee is the data’s owner or manager;
Quality Assurance:
deals with the definition and maintenance of ISO 9001-certified organizational processes relevant to the ISO 27001 certified service and AGID accredited for paperless functions.


Doxee controls the American company Doxee USA Inc. operating in the global market through functions of Global Marketing, Business Development (sale by channel of PaaS services of Customer Communications Management) and Technical Services, or training, support and IT operations at the service of the partners.

The operational headquarters of Catanzaro is the technological competence centre for all Doxee companies dedicated to the design and development of the new service platform of the company and will take care of subsequent implementations.

Doxee USA Inc. relates to the Doxee support functions regarding the products, processes, privacy and ICT functions.
Doxee has its own research and development unit in Catanzaro and in collaboration with the University of Calabria. The new operating unit employs a total of 9.5 FTE units of qualified staff employed on a permanent basis.

Research and Development

``There is real progress only when the benefits of new technology become for everyone.`` HENRY FORD



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