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is born from more than ten years’ experience of professionals operating in the Information Technology sector (consulting, design and implementation of IT projects).

Its technicians are highly specialized in Document and Data Transformation processes.
It offers in-house solutions based on a framework of integrated services in CCM (Customer Communication Management) and Dematerialization, thus redesigning for its clients the processes that generate documents of various nature with consequent reduction of costs and consistently with multi-channel delivery strategies.

In particular

it deals with the automation and document production, their dematerialization and subsequent submission, both through multi-vector mailing methods, and in multi-channel methods such as e-mail, PEC, Fax, FEPA.


The sharing of technological knowledge


Investments in highly technological products and services


The entry of ICT companies into a collaborative network

The business areas

can be summarized as follows:

• Documentation
• Data transformation
• Document processing
• Multichannel sending
• Electronic document management (ged) and dematerialization
• Digital storage
• LEA storage
• Web Application and Client To Server software development
• Project Management and Software Architect & Engineering
• Information Security Expert

Application Software Development
Web sites and portals design
Document Composition

``There is real progress only when the benefits of new technology become for everyone.`` HENRY FORD



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