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Since 2019, the Pitagora Hub has brought together excellent large, small and medium-sized enterprises, research organisations, spin offs and start-ups operating on Calabrian, national and international territory. The aim is to promote networking between the partners, supporting the design and implementation of high-tech research projects. And making them visible at national and international level. We build up a “scientific community” that interacts and cooperates, combining know-how and spreading technological innovation. Hence the origin of the name Polo Pitagora.


The operation under way was selected under the Calabria ROP 2014/2020 and that the operation is carried out with the help of resources from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Italian State and the Calabria Region.

In accordance with the relevant Community, national and regional provisions, the implementation of projects implementing Axis 1 of ROP Calabria ERESR-FSE 2014/2020 and in particular the following actions: (a) Action 1.1.4, and b) Action 1.5.1.

The objective pursued by the Calabria Region in this notice is as follows:

  • Action 1.1.4: support for the activities of animation, mentoring and support for companies participating in the Innovation Poli;


  • Action 1.5.1: valorisation of the local infrastructure of the Innovation Poli through:


  1. new research infrastructures of interest to the business system capable of being placed on international circuits and self-sustaining over time;


  1. structural consolidation of research laboratories, including niche laboratories, in response to the specific needs of the regional and extra-regional production system identified in S3.


  1. The investment covered by the aid must be carried out and located in the territory of the Region of Calabria.

Innovation areas

Technological trajectories

1. Agri-food

Strengthening the competitiveness and sustainability of supply chains

Food safety and authentication of agri-food products to combat counterfeiting

Product/process innovation in the food industry, including waste valorisation and functional food

2. Sustainable construction

Sustainable construction in new buildings

Upgrading of existing construction and recovery of building waste

New techniques and materials (structural and components)

Smart Systems

3. Tourism and Culture

New technologies for the diagnosis, recovery, management and exploitation of the cultural and environmental resources of the territory

Technologies and models for co-creating new experimental and knowledge tourism pathways

4. Logistics

Improvement of logistics and freight transport processes, including security and safety

Green Logistics

Logistics and technologies for manufacturing systems and the agri-food chain in particular

5. ICT and Innovative Tertiary

Digital ecosystems including through the use of Internet of Things

Protecting digital services through advanced cyber-security tools, including in the Internet of Things (Internet of Things)

6. Smart Manufacturing

Smart materials

Smart processes

Smart solutions

7. Environment and Natural Risks

Techniques, products and devices for lâEUR -analysis and assessment of hydrogeological and other environmental risks

Devices, sensors and solutions for seismic protection of the territory

Early warning systems and management of the EUR-Risks related emergency

New energy technologies and reuse of waste to reduce the environmental impact

8. Life Sciences

Omics for better knowledge of complex diseases and personalised medicine

New diagnostic methodologies for chronic and complex diseases and new pharmaceutical formulations

Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Very high resolution imaging diagnostics

Biomedical, biomeccanic, systems and new medical and diagnostic applications

Advanced IT systems and services for the planning, organisation and management of health services and processes

Nutraceutics and functional cosmones


The Pitagora Hub offers its businesses a team of experts to share, expand and improve their business projects.
But not only.
Identifies essential financial resources to carry out innovative projects and supports established entrepreneurs and emerging young people in tackling the digital transformation required by Industry 4.0.
This is thanks to the networking activity called for by the Hub, which thus directs demand for innovation towards mature and skilled supply.

The benefits of this cooperation go far beyond the mere reduction of costs.
The individual member companies are valued and supported, and the potential of each of them is channelled towards a fruitful meeting between compatible business profiles.


between business, research and local institutions that can support innovation and the competitiveness of the ICT sector

advanced services to improve competition in the sector in the short and medium term

about research and development within the ICT within and outside the Innovation Hub as a facilitator of the digital transition processes of institutions and businesses

to companies of any size, laboratories and appropriate research infrastructures, for the provision of innovation services with a view to Open lnnovation, to enable the development of new products, services and/or markets in crowd-sourcing

to have access to public and private funding for high-technology research, development and innovation activities

a business service delivery network for the development and deployment of technological innovation.


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We aim to be the focal point in the provision of ICT services for other hubs.
Disseminating and simplifying the exchange and technology transfer at European level within the framework of the Digital European Program (DEP), in synergy with the other EDIH.



Do you have an entrepreneurial idea to develop? Thanks to the Pitagora Hub, you will be able to receive services, advice and opportunities for your professional development.


Il Team

Progress is only true when the benefits of a new technology become for all.